[feature icon=”sun-o” title=”Wave Runner” color=”1″]Our Wave Runners are $65 per Half Hour or $105 per Hour. Boaters license required for riders under 28.[/feature][feature icon=”sun-o” title=”Para-Sail” color=”2″]Our Para-Sail experience is priced at $70 per person w/ 800ft line and $25 for observers – If space is available.[/feature][feature icon=”sun-o” title=”Banana Rides” color=”3″]Our Banana Rides are priced at $30 Per Rider for a 15-20 minute ride in the Gulf of Mexico.[/feature][feature icon=”sun-o” title=”Paddle Boat” color=”4″]For 2 Person: $20 1/2 Hour or $35 per Hour. For 4 Persons the price is $25 1/2 Hour & $45 per Hour.[/feature][feature icon=”sun-o” title=”Single Seat Kayak” color=”5″]Our Single Seat Kayak is priced at $20 per Half Hour & $35 per Hour[/feature][feature icon=”sun-o” title=”Double Seat Kayak” color=”8″]Our Double Seat Kayak is priced at $25 per Half Hour & $45 per Hour.[/feature]