Wave Runner

Our Wave Runners are $65 per Half Hour or $105 per Hour. Boaters license required for riders under 28.


Our Para-Sail experience is priced at $70 per person w/ 800ft line and $25 for observers - If space is available.

Banana Rides

Our Banana Rides are priced at $30 Per Rider for a 15-20 minute ride in the Gulf of Mexico.

Paddle Boat

For 2 Person: $20 1/2 Hour or $35 per Hour. For 4 Persons the price is $25 1/2 Hour & $45 per Hour.

Single Seat Kayak

Our Single Seat Kayak is priced at $20 per Half Hour & $35 per Hour

Double Seat Kayak

Our Double Seat Kayak is priced at $25 per Half Hour & $45 per Hour.

Our Products

Today, take a WaveRunner for a spin or fly through the air with a friend on a Para-Sail trip and paddle aimlessly through the clear waters of st. pete beach

Some need to know info

Be safe out on the water, we provide and require you to wear a iifejacket.

Wave Runners

The State Of Florida requires a valid boaters license and a picture I.D/to operate a PWC if under the age of 28. Boater licenses may be used from other states.

Parental Guidance

All rentals require a signature by parent or guardian if under the age of 18!


No minimum age is required but, usually a minimum of 120lbs is needed to fly alone. We can do tandems and triples depending on the amount of weight and wind.


Find us daily on St. Pete Beach near TradeWinds Islands Resorts